Vehicle Detailing


Are rust, mildew, or scratches putting a damper on your daily drive? Bill Kay Honda can help with that! A car detailing will solve all of your unsightly and embarrassing issues by restoring your car, truck, or SUV to its best self. What happens during a car detailing and when should you have one? Is it worth it? Read the information that follows to get answers to these questions and more.


Paint Health/Road Salt Wear and Tear 

If your vehicle has rust, scratches, or peeling or fading paint, an exterior detail appointment can take care of that. After washing your car, truck or SUV to remove debris and grime, a clay bar treatment will remove tough stains such as road paint and tar. Next, your car is polished, sealed, and waxed to prevent damage to your vehicle's paintjob. By the time our Honda dealership in Bourbonnais, IL is done with your vehicle, the final product is a shiny, like-new appearance that will last for years to come.


Benefits of an exterior detail include:

  • Preserves & protects paint
  • Reconditions unsightly rusting
  • Protects vehicle against future rusting


Interior Condition 

A professional interior detailing removes unsightly stains, pet hair, mildew, and odors from your car's cabin. By doing this, you increase the longevity of your seating because untreated spills wear them out. The quality of the air inside your cabin will improve as well because germs will be washed away and odors will no longer be an issue.

Your cabin's dashboard is wiped and your seating, floors, mats, and trunk are vacuumed, shampooed and conditioned. Once your seating is clean, a stain guard is applied to help prevent permanent damage and stains from future spills. Whether your car, truck, or SUV has plastic, vinyl, cloth, leather, or suede surfaces, our Honda dealership in Bourbonnais, IL will have it smelling and looking fresh like the day you brought it home.


Brake Dust/Wheel Wells 

What is brake dust? It's the iron particles and metallic elements that come from the grinding of your brakes. Regular soap and water won't get rid of the particles attached to your wheels and wheel wells, and if left on the wheels, it eventually wears away the wheel's protective coat. This is bad because it will eventually begin to corrode the metal your wheels are made of.

Not all cleaners are safe for your wheels. Some cleaners remove the protective coating and are too strong because they're meant for wheels with several years worth of brake dust. To ensure your vehicle's wheels and wheel wells are properly and safely cleaned, polished, and dressed, schedule Honda service at our dealership in Bourbonnais, IL.


Resale Value 

After a Honda detail, your vehicle's exterior and interior has been restored and reconditioned. This increases the resale value of your vehicle because your vehicle's imperfections have been improved. A car detail also retains your car, truck, or SUV's appearance for longer because it's protected from the elements and keeps it in its best possible condition, which helps it maintain its market value.


If you would like your vehicle cleaned, reconditioned, and protected from aging, schedule Honda auto service by contacting our team today! Use our online form or give Bill Kay Honda in Bourbonnais, IL a call at (877) 316-5359. Don't forget savings are waiting for you via our service coupons!

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